BALM ME BABY | Multi-Purpose Herbal Balm - 120gr
BALM ME BABY | Multi-Purpose Herbal Balm - 120gr

BALM ME BABY | Multi-Purpose Herbal Balm - 120gr

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The largest jar of HEALO's soothing and protective Multi- purpose herbal balm that relieves dry skin for all ages and does not leave a greasy effect afterwards. 

Great for working hands that get washed and dry up a lot, great for after sun skin that needs soothing, great for rashes, dry lips, feet and even as a primer under your make up to sheild and protect your skin. 

Made with Australian certified organic herbal ingredients that grow in hot places so they have a cooling effect on dry skin that needs care. 

Also, this gorgeous balm smells like chocolate due to it's raw cacao butter content.

Consistency will change with temperature. (Due to it's pure oil content)

HOW TO USE: Apply a desired amount on clean dry skin. Rub to assist absorbtion.

INGREDIENTS : Unrefined Virgin coconut oil, Organic beeswax, raw cacao butter, organic rose petals and homegrown organic calendula petals infused in Chamomile flowers infused in pure grapseed and oleic Sunflower oils, sweet almond oil, organic shea butter and traces of lavender essential oil. 

All ingredients are Australian certified organic ingredients


 •Always check ingredients for your known allergies.

•Always do a patch test on skin to prevent an unlikely event of an unknown allergic reaction.

•Discontinue use if irritation occurs 

•Store in a cool, dark place