Flow Organic Deodorant for Women and Men

In a flash, I  wrote the little testimonial for our first and wonderful product Flow Organic Deodorant speaking of myself in the third person (who even does that?). Take a look:

Flow Organic Deodorant is a handmade non toxic natural deodorant Hediye developed to avoid using the generic deodorants and to keep healthy (pores, skin, glands, breasts) whilst smelling fresh and clean. She and her husband have tested and have been using FlowDeo for 6 years now and Tolga (the hubby) will beg her to make more whenever they run out. So its not just for women but also, and thankfully, great for men! 

It is a plant based, gluten free, non aluminium paste scented with the most beautiful combination of lavender, orange, melissa and bergamot essential oils. 

Simply take a small amount (on cold days with the spatula provided) and warm it between your fingers then massage it into your sweaty spots. Those who love its perfume may rub it onto their non-sweaty spots too. (Not your face, of course)

Because it is made of organic coconut oil, the product will tend to change density with temperature change (it will harden on colder days and soften on warmer ones). 

The baking powder/corn starch content may powder up - stain your dark coloured clothing but do not panic, it is washable. Hedi recommends you apply Flow Organic Deodorant after you get dressed so if any staining occurs, no one will see.


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